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Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Is SMO - Social Media Optimization and How To Do SMO

What is SMO (Social Media Optimization)?

SMO Stand For Social MediaOptimization. Everyone need Traffic on his website according to my experience and knowledge  SMO – Social Media Optimization is Best way to Get instant Traffic on your website and it also help to rank your website in Search Engines Easily. In this article I will share some Social Media Website to get instant traffic for your website easily, you can get easily high traffic from these social Media Sites and Rank your Blog / Website Easily on Search Engine first Page.

List of High Quality Social Media Websites with Description

Here is some High Quality Social Media website List, where you can create easily his website backlinks and get high traffic for your website easily...


Facebook is Most useable Social media Plate Form 90% People Use Facebook For entertainment, Business, Learning and Keep Contact to each Other, it also Big Free Advertising Plat Form where you can share his blog post link easily with your Facebook Friends.
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Facebook Timeline Posting and Commenting

Timeline Posting

Here you need those Friends on Facebook whose have minimum 3000 Friends and Active,
·         Now Share your post to on your timeline give tag like #pak_studio #facebook etc ,
·         Tag your Friends in this post and Share it on your Timeline
·         Create Facebook Page for your Website invite your friends and get like (you Can Use Facebook SocialToolkit Also)
Suppose you have 50 Friends and which have 3000 Friends, when you will share your post with these 50 Friends your post / Status will show on 1,50,000 (3000x50) peoples Time Line, 1,50,000 people will see your post on his timeline if your post photo, word is attractive 90% people will open your Given link in this post.
SMO - Social Media Optimization

Facebook Commenting

Give your Comments on every Sponsored Page and Big page posts, Top Group Post. When you Give Comment on Top Group post everyone which are following this post will get Notification of your comment

Facebook Groups and Pages Posting

·   Join Open and Big Groups which are related to your Blog / Website Topic. Update post in groups with tags like #pak_studio etc and mention all group members to his post. You Can Use Facebook Social Toolkit For auto mention, Give Comment on Top post of Groups which have a lot of Comments and Likes. Read how to Use Facebook autoGroups  and Page Posting free
·         Like Active and Big page which are Related to your Topic, then past your post link with short Description on these big pages and Give Comments on his Top Posts

Facebook Advertising

if you are able for buying traffic then start your page / post advertising on Facebook, Give Money To Facebook and Facebook Will Promote your Post / Page as sponsored you will get more traffic on your website. It paid way to get traffic from Facebook.


Twitter is also Big Free Social Media Plat Form. You can get 70% Premium Traffic From this amazing plat form because 70% Europeans use this Plat Form, twitter also help to increase your website / blog rank on search engine. Google give more importance to twitter than Facebook. Here you need Follower to get more traffic for your website. Read my previous Article how to Get 2k twitter Followers easily.
Follow those people who have more than 20,000 Followers and do Re twits on his twits with your Blog / website post. Update your Twit with Tags like #twitter #SEO which related to your topic. If you want paid traffic from Twitter you can do advertising also on twitter.
SMO - Social Media Optimization


Google + is also Big and Free Social Media Plat Form, 90% Europeans use Google+, you can also Get Premium Traffic for your Website Easily. Google+ Also Helps to increase your website / blog rank on Search Engine Mostly Google Search engine (Google is Big Search Engine of Internet).
·         For More Traffic you Need More Followers on Google Plus. Read Previous Article How To Get More Followers on Google plus?
·         Join Google plus Communities which are related to your Topic and update your post in these Communities also with Tags. Don’t Post same content more than 20 Google plus Communities. In this case Your Google plus Account Could be disable.

Linked In

Linked In is also largest & most dominant social network in the professional arena. Linked is totally different from the other social media like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus etc. it used for maintaining a professional persona & brand. Other Uses for this social Media Network ( Linked IN) finding a Job, recruiting New Employees, it is also Good For finding New Business and Promoting your new business also.
It is simply to join Just Go to Sign up Form and Register, confirm your email which you used in your Linked IN account. Add your connections in your Linked Inn Account. Linked In will promote your business.  Create New Contacts with your Friends, you can also share your Website / Blog link on Linked In and also post your article on linked in with your Backlinks.


Reddit is a big social news aggregation, website content rating, & discussion Site, Reddit is also Called the Front Page of the Internet, Reddit also help to increase Your Website Rank in Google and Other Search Engine. You Can Get Premium Traffic For your Website (USA, UK, Etc.). In Reddit you need High Link Karma and Comments Karma.


Empowr is Also Largest Social Media. Empowr has like Facebook, Comments, Shares, Likes and posting, but Empowr pay dollars. You can also earn money from Empowr easily. Empowr has Great Market Place you can sale your any Product on this market place easily and also you can purchase , you can earn money easily by this social media network, it also good for getting more traffic for your website easily,  it will help to rank your website in search engine easily. You can promote you YouTube Videos and Website Link Easily. Just click here and Join this Amazing Social Media Network.

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